3SX Tune-Up Kit - BRAKES - 3SX SS Brake Lines + SpeedBleeders + Motul 600

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3SX Tune-Up Kit SPECIAL!

Brakes: 3SX SS Brake Lines + Speed Bleeders + Motul 600

This is a specially priced package deal to get your braking system basics replaced and upgraded!  These are parts that are often overlooked and should be replaced at regular intervals much like many other engine parts.  Don't let a old tired stock brake line fail and get the best of you and you car!

Tune-Up Kit - Brake Kit includes:
3SX Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (8-line kit)
SpeedBleeders - Set of 4
Motul 600 Brake Fluid x 2 Bottles

Choice of Brake Lines Color



Please verify the sizes you need prior to ordering. You can easily determine the size by checking what size wrench they need. The stock 7mm brake bleeder valves (stock and SpeedBleeders) use an 8mm wrench, and the stock 10mm valves use a 10mm wrench. So check your stock bleeder valves and order these to match your stock ones. NOTE: the 10mm SpeedBleeders may use either a 10mm OR 11mm wrench.

NOTE: Sizes on 3000GT/Stealth AWD: According to Mitsubishi, the AWD rear is a 10mm valve if your build date is April 90 - Feb 92, then Mar 92 - May 93 uses a 7mm valve, then June 93+ (i.e., 94 model and later) are back to the 10mm valve. For the AWD front caliper, they use the 10mm for all years. We still recommend you check your valve sizes prior to ordering.
NOTE: Sizes on 3000GT/Stealth FWD: According to Mitsubishi, the FWD front AND rear calipers use a 10mm valve April 90 - Feb 92, then the 7mm valve March 92 and later. We still recommend you check your valve sizes prior to ordering.


Don't let your lines look like this!


When making your selction from the menu list below:

For the brake lines, select based on the drivetrain platform - AWD or FWD, and select which COLOR lines you would like.

For the SpeedBleeders, choose what mix of sizes you need (front pair and rear pair)


You MIGHT Also Need... Brake Line Connectors
The front brakes lines on all the models and rear on the AWD also have hard brake line connectors between the 2 soft lines. These are NOT included in these tune-up kits, but we recommend checking them as they might be rusted or very-seized in the old stock lines. We have those listed separately if you need them also.