3SX Tune-Up Kit - COOLING - Thermostat + Radiator Hoses + Clamps + Water Wetter


3SX Tune-Up Kit SPECIAL!

Cooling: Radiator Hoses and Clamps + Thermostat + Water Wetter

This is a specially priced package deal to get your cooling system basics replaced and upgraded!  These are parts that are often overlooked and should be replaced at regular intervals much like many other engine parts. 

Cooling Kit includes:
ThermalFlex Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
4 Hose Clamps
OEM Thermostat (select 91 or 92-99)
Redline Water Wetter

Please select from the year range of your engine to get the correct thermostat (or if your thermostat housing has been replaced, order the appropriate one) and and select the color hose you would like.

The thermostats are broken down into the following year applications:
Early 91 DOHC TT/NA (build date thru Sept 90) - Choose 91
Late 91 & 92+ DOHC TT/NA (build date Oct 90 and later) - Choose 92-99

This kit works for all DOHC 3000GT and Stealths (both twin turbo and non-turbo).
It will NOT work on the SOHC engines.