3SX Turbo Coolant Line Kit with Modified Water Housing


3SX Twin Turbo COOLANT Line Kit
with Modified Water Housing

9/3/21 - Now with Stainless Barbs/New Hardware

- Built to order, please allow 3-5 Business Days -

( Polished finish for pics only - will come blasted or painted at request )

The latest innovation from 3SX! We now offer custom coolant line kits for both TD04 and TD05 turbos! These custom kits use stainless braided lines offering much more flexibility and longevity than the factory lines which use a combination of rigid lines that can corrode and rubber lines that can dry-rot and leak.

Modified Housing: The kit includes a custom modified thermostat housing (all three pieces) which has been modified with fittings to accept the thread-on lines, which not only looks better but makes installation easier, especially if you are in-and-out of your engine bay regularly. This kit pairs great with our TT Oil Line Kits.

(Raw-Blasted Finish)

( Painted Finish )


( Now with Stinless hose barbs and new bolts )

Installed Pictures

Pictures cleanly showing the kit installed on 3SX customer Peter's engine before getting covered up with everything else. Click these pictures to load larger versions in a new window.

Click for BIG pic!

Click for BIG pic!

Click for BIG pic!


Installation Pointers:

Referencing the top picture listed here: The two inner/lower lines are the coolant FEED lines which connect to the OUTSIDE of the turbos (side away from the engine, coolant flows from out in toward the engine). The upper left line on the fill neck and the upper outer line that connects to the very end of the water housing are the coolant RETURN lines and connect to the INSIDE of the turbos (the side toward the engine). Within the 3SX kit, the shortest line is the front return, the 2 long lines 1 the rear feed the other is the rear return, the 1 medium lines is the front feed.

NOTE: Second Gen engines (93-99) will need to slightly modify the front head to clear the front fitting - it's just a matter of filing/grinding down a tab (nothing connects to it on the front head) as shown in the picture below. The 91-92 heads do not have these bolt holes so do not need the modification - it's one of the cam angle sensor mount bolt holes.


** A core Charge of $250 is applied, which is returned upon receipt of your old (GOOD USABLE) TT water housing (you may also send yours in advance) **



Turbos - We have the kit available for both TD04 turbos or TD05 Turbos.

Coolant to Throttle Body - We can set up the kit to route the coolant through the throttle body like the stock setup, or to bypass the coolant passing through the throttle body.


We no longer offer the polished water housing option.


NOTE: This kit will NOT work with the larger 3SX Turbos (Terminators, Dominators, Annihilators) as they are a T3/T4 cartridge based turbo with TD05 housings, so the line fittings are different.


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