3SX Turbo Oil Line Kit for TD04 Turbos


3SX Custom Twin Turbo / VR-4 Oil Line Kit - TD04 Turbos

3SX offers a complete oil line kit to simplify the process of removing turbos, the oil pan, and disassembling/reassembling your motor and ensure you have clean lines so there is no debris to damage your turbos. Originally developed by 3SX, this kit replaces the feed and return lines. Feed lines are custom stainless braided lines with new banjo fittings and bolts which greatly simplify installation of the turbos. The return lines are custom stainless braided lines with aluminum end fittings that bolt directly to your oil pan and turbos, and stock return line gaskets are included.

* Newest revision has higher flowing Banjo Bolts and Feed Fittings

This kit is designed to work with "bolt-in" TD-04 style turbos, such as the 3SX Eliminators and Executioners. Special Billet drain fittings are designed to work with all motor mounts, and clear OEM cast + and 3SX Stainless Turbo Manifolds 

NOTE: While new lines ensure clean delivery and return, it is strongly recommended that you flush out the complete system including the oil cooler.

NOTE 2: These kits may require adjustment with Kinugawa or Arashi 19T and 20T Turbos 

NOTE 3: Angled Return Fitting goes on the Oil Filter Housing

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