3SX Valve Springs Set of 24 with Titanium Retainers


3SX High-Tension Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers
3000GT / Stealth DOHC Engines

Precision is everything, especially with theses motors. These custom made springs are chrome silicon with titanium retainers. The key advantage this set offers is much closer tolerances. The retainers are perfectly suited to the springs. They are overall 3mm wider than the Crower retainers so fully cap the spring, and the inner seat is perfectly matched to the spring, offering no play - the Crower retainers have about .5mm of play where they can slide around when seated in the spring. When precise harmonics and balance are essential, these springs and retainers are the way to go.

Crower Springs/Retainers 3SX Springs/Retainers

If you are upgrading your heads for more power, we recommended using a higher tension valve spring, especially if you are building a hi-rev motor. These springs are the same size as stock so no head reworking is required to use them. The titanium retainers are about half the weight of the stock steel ones, so youre saving precious valve-train weight allowing the cams/rockers to operate more efficiently.

NOTE: These are for the DOHC engines only - they will not fit the 12-valve SOHC 3000GT/Stealth engines.

Valve Spring Stats
3SX Springs
Spring Diameter OD
Coil Diameter
Seat Pressure
100 @ 37.15
Coil Bind
10.50 lbs/mm
Retainer Diameter OD


NOTE: Sold as a set of 24 valve springs and 24 retainers.