3SX / Walbro HELLCAT Fuel Pump Kit w/Hotwire

The Big Dog 525lph, Install kit, and 3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit
SKU: 3SXKIT001400

Walbro Fuel Pumps In-Tank 525lph

aka "HELLCAT" Pump

F90000285 Gasoline and E85 Compatible

Walbro is stepping up their game on in-tank pumps! These are 525lph rated pumps designed to replace your factory in-tank pump. Targeting 700+ hp cars, these high-pressure pumps will outflow almost anything else on the market! What's better is the newer #285 pump specifically designed for use with E85!

This complete setup from 3SX includes the 400-0085 Install kit for the 3000/Stealth, as well as our own 3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit


Please note that the pumps are NOT vehicle specific, so you may need to do some customizing for proper installation as far as hanging the pump on your stock pump hanger and wiring into your stock electronics.