60K Timing Service Kit - NON-OEM - 3000GT Stealth DOHC


Non-OEM 60K Service Kit
Timing Belt, Water Pump, Pulleys, etc.
 DOHC 3000GT / Stealth

We FINALLY found a non-OEM timing belt for the DOHC that properly fits the cam gears and crank timing cog. With that found, we now offer a complete non-OEM 60k service kit for those on a budget!

This kit includes the following NON-OEM parts:
Water Pump Kit
Water Pump Assembly Bolts
Timing Belt
Timing Hydraulic Tensioner
Timing Tensioner Pulley
Timing Idler Pulley
1/4"-drive Timing Tool

Left = OEM Water Pump Assembly | Right = NON-OEM Water Pump Kit


We have tried four different timing belts (including standard belts from Gates and Dayco!) with no success on STOCK GEARS...Will fit 3SX Adjustable Gears - the teeth on the belts would not properly wrap around the timing cogs, bucking out after wrapping less than half way around the cogs. This can lead to adverse wear on the timing belt and over time lead to pre-mature belt failure and ultimately catastrophic engine failure. THIS belt tested to properly fit the timing cogs as pictured below.


Note this is ONLY for the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth, both twin turbo and non-turbo.

You can opt for the Non-OEM belt or the Stock OEM timing belt.