1OFF 99 Conversion Package - NEW Bumper / USED Headlights / USED Corner Lights

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1OFF - Mitsubishi 3000GT 99 Front-End Conversion

94-99 (New Red Front 99 Bumper / USED 99 Headlights Pair / USED 99 Corner Lights Pair)

Note:  If you have a 91-93 you will also need the hood and the headlamp buckets which we can supply for you.

Note:  This kit doesn't come with any bumper brackets, 99 fins, hardware, 99 sail panels, 99 rear center garnish and 99 headlight wire connectors.

This price includes shipping to the lower 48 states and to Canada ONLY.

Picture below is for reference.

Love the look of the 1999 3000GT with that huge opening and the bubbled lights? Convert your car to get that look! We offer parts direct from Mitsubishi to complete the conversion. Bumper and inserts, headlights, corner lights, hood, and even a chrome Mitsubishi Diamonds emblem for your new bumper! Get the parts individually or as a package. If you get the hood or bumper, special freight shipping arrangements will have to be made as the boxes are huge and will not go through UPS (this will result in no shipping charges in the online shopping cart, but they will be added later). Bumper and hood colors can not be specifically ordered. Some modifications may be required to ensure proper fitment (particularly to the headlamp buckets). Cars which are 91-93 will require the hood for the conversion as the early hoods will not fit with the later headlights. Steves car pictured above is a 94 (note that the piece in the opening to hide the stock crash bar has been removed for installation of the front mount intercooler).



Got a question about the 99 parts? This should answer it!
Check out the extensive Photo FAQ about the 99 front end conversion!

1999 Mitsubishi Parts
Front Bumper
Bumper Inserts Pair L+R (fins by foglights)
Headlamp Pair L+R
Corner Turn Signals Pair L+R
99 Conversion Package! (Gen2)
(Bumper + Inserts, Headlights + Corner Lights L+R) 
Complete Kit
(as above plus adds headlamp pigtails, underpanels, brackets)
99 Conversion Package! (Gen1 Including Hood)
(Bumper + Inserts, Headlights + Corner Lights L+R, OEM Hood) 
Complete Kit
(as above plus adds headlamp pigtails, underpanels, brackets)