99 Sail Panels B-Pillar Covers OEM Mitsubishi 3000GT

99 "Sail Panels"

A common conversion is swapping out the 91-98 3000GT B-pillar panels for those found only on the 99 model. This is a popular swap because the black panels on the 91-98 are infamous for peeling and looking, well, not very good. Installation takes about 2-4 hours - you have to remove the rear seats and rear interior panels to get to the mount screws, then just swap the panels and reinstall the rear interior panels. Sold in pairs and available in 99 factory finish Red, White, Black, and Green.


NOTE: The WHITE panels are now on about an 8 week delay as the LH/DR side must ship direct from Japan.
The RED panels are no longer available as a pair - the right/pass side is discontinued.


Picture of 99 Sail Panels Black (Pair)
99 Sail Panels Black (Pair)
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