A-Pillar Interior Cover Panels OEM APillar 3000GT Stealth

Stock A-Pillar Interior Cover Panels
3000GT / Stealth

These are factory OEM Mitsubishi A-Pillar panel covers that go up along the windshield and along the headliner/side windows. These are NEW OEM parts.


The 1991-1994 Beige ones are listed for the Stealth.
The 1991-1995(early) Grey are for build dates through 94-Sept (9409.3).
The 95 (mid-late) Grey are build dates 94-Oct (9410.1) thru 95-May (9505.3).
The 95 Spyder uses the 95-mid-late Grey.
The 96 Spyder uses the 96-99 Beige.

As a footnote, our experience has shown that they are all interchangeable across all years/makes/models of 3000GT & Stealth.


Applications/colors not listed in the selection menu below are discontinued and can not be ordered.


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