3SX Performance opened in 2000 with one goal in mind: Performance options for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth. We strive to develop new products that are not yet available in the marketplace, and offer the widest selection of parts for the platform. Pioneering parts such as the Lightweight Aluminum OEM/Underdrive Pullies, Poly Motor Mounts, and Adjustable Rear Control Arms, unheard of at the time, put 3SX on the performance map. 3SX has provided parts to help the 3S launch harder, brake quicker, turn sharper and just plain look better. With offerings from sway bars to full coil over suspension kits, upgraded brake pads to big brake kits, intake pipes to complete engine rebuilds, we have nearly every part needed to make your car into the beast you always dreamed it could be.


The driving force behind the company is our employees. Each 3SX Crew Member lives for performance. From founder Steve Burrows' highly modified '94 VR-4 monster, to original crew and General Manager Eric Bowden's “222 HP Stereo” '93 Stealth RT, each team member eats, sleeps and breathes better performance! Part of what makes 3SX a popular company is the fact that, unlike most online "shops", we actually ARE a physical shop, actually STOCK what we sell, and WORK on performance vehicles for a living.


With customers in over 99 countries around the world, the entire 3SX Crew works very hard to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, by offering exceptional customer service, and product knowledge, so you will be confident in your decisions regarding parts upgrades and service.


The 3SX crew from left to right.  Jeff, Steve, Margaret, Dale, Jeremy and Daniel

In 2004 we moved into our current 12,000 square foot facility (above), finally reopened our service bays, and expanded our shipping capacities. This building gave us more room to stock parts, improve shipping times, and allow us to expand our overall offering to the 3000GT and Stealth community.


2006 brought about further growth with the addition of a second 10,000 square foot facility dedicated to vehicle service and engine building (below). This freed up space for BOTH sides of the business to grow: we have room to stock more parts for our worldwide sales, and service had room to accommodate more vehicles and technicians. We built the new Service Facility to truly be a complete performance service center: plenty of lifts, "clean room" for engine building, transmission teardown/assembly room, "fab lab" for custom making whatever is needed to complete the job from small brackets to custom piping and more.



3SX Racing 

We also took a big step truly in the performance direction by launching our 3SX Racing division in early 2006. This was not only to race and prove the parts that we carry, but also to serve as a research and development platform to develop MORE new parts with high-end performance in mind. 3SX Racing has been a huge success, campaigning both T2 (our FWD 3000GT Drag Car) then T4 (our AWD 3000GT Drag Car) to world records for the FWD and AWD 3S platform.

Below is information that we posted as we raced. We discontinued racing in 2007 after proving again and again the parts that we at 3SX developed, the cars we built and tuned, and our company is world class. 


3SX T4 AWD Drag Car

3SX continues through the 9's....

11/7/07 - 3SX took T4 back to Darlington, but this time ran into transmission issues keeping us from getting between gears during the runs. The first run pulled off a 9.339 @ 159.23 from a crappy launch and 60'. That time breaks the trap speed record, verging on 160mph in a mere 1/4 mile!

8/25/07 - Back to Darlington this time, backing up and improving on T4's capabilities, first laying down a 9.334 @ 155.6 and then edging the World Record a little further again by running a 9.214 @ 154.98. Click for the Video!

8/18/07 - We took T4 to Speed Fed Drag Nationals at Rockingham this weekend and stole the show. Our first qualifying run was a 9.331 @ 156.41 which was unmatched by any other car there. Unfortunately, there was NO track prepping happening so the later runs only got slower, with T4 breaking loose in ALL gears while trying to get down the track. Despite that we took FIRST PLACE in the event! That run does push the 3S record a little further...

8/1/07 - We took T4 back to Darlington for an exciting and interesting night.
First run
: after smacking down a 1.446 60ft (in the 6-speed!) didn't *fully* lift up on the clutch pedal on the 1/2 shift and engaged the 2-step when went back to full throttle - oops - let off and coasted a 15.991.
Second run
: Laid down a 1.400 60' and followed up with a 9.488 @ 151.92 - breaking the record.
Third run
: Ripped a record 1.346 60ft and finished by pushing the record even further to a 9.420 @ 149.52!!
Fourth run
: Couldn't get into 4th gear and ran a 9.805 @ 140.60 - turns out the shifter cable and folded over on itself at the tranny, literally "Z"-ing.
NOTE: The first three runs were with NO NITROUS - as it turned out, after wondering why the trap speeds were slower than they should have been compared to our last trip to the track, we had forgotten to hook up the WOT switch at the throttle body. Had N2O on the 4th run but the shifter cable crimped onto itself not letting the us into 4th gear. Still a successful evening at the track!

7/21/07 - T4 Went to Rockingham and reclaimed the record with a 9.512 @ 154.30 - Two other runs made were 9.638 @ 154.58 and 9.611 @ 155.69, the later of which was the third run of the night and is the record trap speed for any 3000GT/Stealth.

6/6/07 - T4 went back to the track with the automatic back in this time, and did manage to improve the WORLD RECORD to 9.647 @ 132.27 - low trap speed due to the fact that the 4th gear shaft gave out.

5/19/07 - 3SX took T4 back to the track and made a couple runs, tearing out a 9.655 @ 148.34 - nudging the WORLD RECORD just a little more! Also impressive was the 1.405 60' while running the 6-speed manual transmission! Also ran a 9.80 @ 145 for the first run of the day. Brought it back home still purring like a kitten.

5/3/07 - We dyno'd T4 a few weeks ago with the 3SX Street REGRIND cams installed and it pulled 820 AWHP. We just reinstalled the 3SX Race Weld cams and laid down 902 AWHP and 720 AWTQ!!! Scroll down to see the video (about 8 mins).


3/21/07 - 3SX laid down another pair of 9's going relatively easy on the just replaced transfer case, running only 26 and 28 pounds of boost. The best 9 was a 9.785 @ 137.02 mph!!

3/18/07 - 3SX starts out the 2007 season with a bang! We took the car to Rockingham 3/18/07 and made a single explosive pass, laying down a 9.958 @ 135.00, but shearing the transfer case output shaft into a number of pieces on the launch! Being as that was the same transfer case that ran all last year, I guess we go pretty good mileage out of it. :-)

11/1/06 - 3SX T4 laid down a WORLD RECORD RUN 3000GT/Stealth with a 9.666 @ 139.08

Progression of Time

DateTrack60'330'1/8 Mile1/8 MPH1000'1/4 Mile1/4 MPHTransSlip/Vid
12/7/07Darlington1.4884.0766.131122.81 9.315153.58MT6 
11/7/07Darlington1.5294.2136.221126.31 9.339159.23MT6Slip
8/25/07Darlington1.3763.9836.009123.30 9.214154.98MT6Slip Vid
8/25/07Darlington1.4124.0996.149123.28 9.334155.60MT6Slip Vid
8/18/07Rockingham1.5454.1706.186125.327.8969.331156.41MT6Slip Vid
8/1/07Darlington1.5494.3956.491120.91 9.805140.60MT6Slip
8/1/07Darlington1.3463.9776.119117.61 9.420149.52MT6Slip
8/1/07Darlington1.4004.0696.224117.30 9.488151.92MT6Slip
7/21/07Rockingham1.5464.2596.312124.638.0599.512154.30MT6Slip Vid
6/6/07Darlington1.5954.1116.194118.7 9.647132.27AT4Slip Vid
5/19/07Darlington1.4054.1596.313118.42 9.655148.34MT6Slip Vid
5/19/07Darlington     9.800145.00MT6 
4/22/07Fayetteville1.4524.1226.338114.07 9.771133.14AT4Slip Vid
4/22/07Fayetteville1.4604.2576.463114.74 9.919142.59AT4Slip Vid
4/22/07Fayetteville1.5024.3346.579112.95 9.988141.2AT4Slip Vid
3/21/07Darlington1.4014.0476.246111.81 9.785137.02AT4Slip
3/21/07Darlington1.4574.1496.371110.94 9.915137.32AT4Slip


6.201114.30 9.666139.08AT4Slip Vid


9.989147.58MT6Slip Vid

World Record Updated 8/18/2007
Rockingham Dragway - Speed Fed Drag Nationals
1st Place Unlimited Class - Fastest/Quickest car there PERIOD
9.331 @ 156.41


World Record Update 7/21/2007
3 Runs 1 Video
Record ET Run (second one) 9.512 @ 154.30
Record Trap Speed (third run) 9.611 @ 155.69


World Record Update 5/19/2007
9.655 @ 148.34


Previous 11/1/2006 World Record Run:

9.666 @ 139.08

9.989 @ 147.58


We previously dyno'd the car with the 3SX Street REGRIND Cams at 820 AWHP.
We just put the 3SX Race Weld cams back in and dyno'd at 902 AWHP!



3SX T2 FWD Drag Car

World's Quickest & Fastest FWD 3S:
10.191 sec @ 140.31 mph

3SX has never been one to neglect any of the 3000GT/Stealth cars - we support the entire platform, both all-wheel-drive AND front-wheel-drive. We have built a FWD based drag car running custom developmental turbos, 3SX ported+polished heads with race weld cams, AEM management, 1000cc injectors, 3SX Ross pistons, Pauter rods, FMIC, stock intake manifold and throttle body.

Progression of Time

DateTrackR/T60'330'1/8 Mile1/8 MPH1000'1/4 Mile1/4 MPHSlip/Vid
7/7/06Rockingham.2671.5864.5866.821114.228.63110.191140.31Slip VID
7/5/06Darlington1.8131.7394.8277.144 9.03710.624140.82Slip
7/5/06Darlington1.8131.7394.8277.144 9.03710.624140.82Slip
6/14/06US 131 -NG06.81371.78114.91137.3121107.659.228210.8171141.52Slip


Being front-wheel drive, the car puts on quite a display prior to running down the strip.







3SX survived the economic downturn of 2008 and on WITHOUT laying off a single employee! We tightened our belts as necessary and made sure that we would be the shop still standing for the long term.


As always, 3SX is dedicated to the future! We always have a number of R&D projects up our sleeves that we work on...