ABS Delete Kit w OEM Hard Lines 3000GT/Stealth

SKU: ABSDeleteKit

ABS Delete Kit - 3000GT/Stealth
OEM Hard Lines + OEM Proportioning Valve

Some lines are discontinued - 4/13/2022

For those that don't like the ABS system, or are simply trying to shave weight from the car (the ABS pump is HEAVY!) this is a set of parts that allow you to essentially "delete" the ABS from your 3000GT or Stealth. It offers the non-ABS brake proportioning valve found on the FWD 3S cars that did not have ABS, and includes the brake lines from the brake master cylinder to the prop-valve and the lines from the prop valve for the front brakes. The lines for the rear brakes are the same. What this lets you do is remove all of the lines to and around the ABS pump (in the passenger side front fender area) and the pump itself.

NOTE: This kit does not include any electronics or brake fluid - it includes the 4 lines and prop-valve as pictured. You will need to do a full bleed of your brake system to ensure the fluid is fully through the front lines and there are no air bubbles in the rear lines. We recommend SpeedBleeders and probably 2 bottles of Motul 600 brake fluid to fully bleed all 4 corners.  Or better yet - get the 3SX Brake Line Tune-Up Kit and replace the flexible brake lines as well with stainless-steel braided lines!

Check out the new 3SX Stainless ABS Delete Kit - uses the OEM proportioning valve and custom stainless braided lines. If nothing else - it's a TON smaller for shipping without those gangly OEM hard lines! ;-) ...and it's a WHOLE lot easier to install as you are not trying to snake the stock hard lines along the firewall between and behind a bunch of other lines, behind the master cylinder, under the battery, etc...

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