AC Climate Controller Rebuild / Reman Service

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AC Climate Control Rebuild Service

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Has your digital climate control display simply stopped working? Does it still control the air but the screen doesn't light up any more? THAT'S just about annoying! Well, we now offer a reman service where you send us your main display unit AND the controller box and we'll fix it so the display and controls all work as they should!

What's better? The service includes a 2 year warranty! This is a service that rebuilds YOUR display and controller unit. You MUST send both the display unit and the black controller box that is mounted down behind the center console side panels (kinda between the driver and passenger feet). You must include a copy of your order confirmation when you send us your parts so we know who's parts they are when they arrive. This service normally takes about 2 weeks for complete turnaround (when we get it til we ship it back to you) but during the busy season, this can take up to 4 weeks.

NOTE: We can only service the 91-97 models with the color screens and separate control box. Unfortunately, we can not service the 98-99 displays.


We have put together a brief pictorial to guide you through the removal of the AC display and control box.

Please send both parts (AC Display + AC Computer) to the following address for repair service:

4317 Triple Crown Dr SW

Concord, NC 28027