AC Delete Kit AC Elimination Belt Kit - 3000GT Stealth DOHC


3SX AC Elimination Kit

3000GT / Stealth 6G72 DOHC Engines
with Stock-Size Crank Pulley

This kit is used if you are eliminating your AC compressor, whether for weight reduction or don't want to pay to replace it since the compressors are, well, expensive to leave it nicely ;-) The AC elimination is actually pretty easy, you just remove the compressor and run the included belt around the other side of the tensioner pulley as shown in the diagram and picture. Our kit also includes a locking nut allowing you to still easily adjust and tighten the tensioner pulley without having to use a prybar or other means of "forcing the issue".

NOTE: This kit will ONLY work for DOHC Turbo and Non-Turbo engines running the stock crank pulley or stock-sized lightweight pulley. It will not work for underdrive pulleys.

 3SX AC Compressor Delete Kit Installation Instructions