AEM Wideband Gauge Air Fuel 52mm WITH O2 Sensor (6-in-1) - 30-4110 (UPDATED SENSOR) (formerly 30-4100)


AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge WITH Wideband O2 Sensor

These are AEMs new wideband air/fuel gauge that INCLUDE the wideband O2 sensor! They are standalone units that can be used independent of an AEM EMS or UEGO controller, meaning you can install them in ANY car! The wideband sensor is based on a 0-5 volt calibration and features a numeric digital readout as well as the sweeping LED display so you can keep exact tabs on your air/fuel mixture. The 6-in-1 gauge offers the choice of white or black face, black or silver trim. NOTE: These INCLUDE the O2 sensor!

AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge WITH Sensor Six-in-One 52mm

This is the NEW gauge kit with the updated O2 sensor - 30-4110.
The former kit 30-4100 has been superceeded with this one.

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