Aeromotive Stealth 340 LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump

Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Pumps
Internal / In-Tank - 340-lph High Volume!

These are the latest internal fuel pumps from Aeromotive, outflowing virtually any other "drop-in" internal fuel pump on the market!  These pumps area direct replacement for many OEM fuel pumps in todays fuel systems, but churn out more than 30% more fuel than the Walbro or Denso drop-in fuel pumps!

3SX has installed these pumps and tuned them on our dyno to over 500 AWHP using a single pump - other mods required as well of course ;-)

These pumps are compatible with gasoline, race fuels, and E85. Note that due to the dialectic qualities of Alcohol based fuels like E85, service life maybe reduced and filter maintenance increased.


11141 Pump - Inlet is OFFSET from Outlet
11142 Pump - Inlet is INLINE with Outlet

The 3000GT/Stealth are recommended to use the 11141 pump kit.





We recommend the 3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit with any aftermarket fuel pump.


INSTALLATION NOTE - WALBRO ADAPTER KIT: It has been brought to our attention that when installing the Aeromotive Stealth Pump 11141 in a 3000GT/Stealth, you MAY need the Walbro adapter kit for the 3000GT/Stealth 400-857. The reason is that the Aeromotive pump kit does not include the spacer that goes under the pump to hold it up against the fuel pickup tube on the sending unit. Some people simply bend up the metal bracket of the pickup tube to hold the pump up, but you may want to consider also getting the adapter kit to properly space the pump up into the pickup tube.


Picture of Aeromotive Fuel Pump Internal 340 Stealth 11142 (Inline)
Aeromotive Fuel Pump Internal 340 Stealth 11142 (Inline)
SKU: FuelPumpAero-11142
Picture of Aeromotive Fuel Pump Internal 340 Stealth 11141 (3000GT/Stealth/others)
Aeromotive Fuel Pump Internal 340 Stealth 11141 (3000GT/Stealth/others)
SKU: FuelPumpAero-11141
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