ARP Head Studs Kit ARP2000 Head Bolts Fits ALL 3000GT Stealth 207-4205


ARP Head Studs 207-4205
ALL 3000GT & Stealth


Known for being the best in aftermarket bolt and stud kits, these ARP studs are good for all years and models of the Stealth and 3000GT - both turbo and non-turbo! So when you are building up your motor, these offer an upgrade alternative to the factory head bolts. Sold as a complete set of 16 studs+washers+nuts good for BOTH heads. Note: Mitsubishi lists the same part number for all 3000GT head bolts, including the SOHC, so these will work across the board on the 3S platform!

Note: ARP includes instructions with their kits, but here is the 6G72-specific ARP Head Stud Instruction Sheet in PDF format.

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