ARP Piston Ring Compressor Tool - Piston Ring Installation Tool

SKU: RingComptTool-ARP0915

ARP Piston Ring Compressor Tool
Simplify Piston & Ring Installation

Let's make engine building just a LITTLE bit easier! These tools give you the peace of mind that you are not going to fold a piston ring when installing your pistons into your block - that folded ring will cost you pulling the engine again to re-ring it, and depending on damage to the block, can require a hone or bore leading to needing larger pistons! Avoid all that and slide your pistons into your block with ease!

These custom made tapered sleeves are used to guide your piston into the cylinder bore while gently compressing the rings into their grooves, such that once the rings get to the point of entering the block, they are already compressed into the piston and simply slide into the block without snagging the edge of the bore! You simply fit your rings into the piston, then slide the piston into the sleeve, gently working the rings into the sleeve. Once the last ring is in the sleeve, you simply place the piston onto the bore and slide it down into the cylinder.

These ring compressor sleeves are cylinder bore size specific. You order one tool for the size bore you are working with and it is good for as many engines as you build with that bore size!

You only need ONE per piston bore size you are installing. Use them again and again!

We have most other common 3S sizes available in the less expensive Wiseco Piston Ring Compressor Tools. We offer this ARP tool as Wiseco does not offer a 91.5mm tool. If you want other sizes of the ARP Ring Compressor Tools, please contact us and we can special order them.