AWD Transmission Internals - BILLET Shift Forks SCE

AWD Transmission Internal Parts
Upgraded BILLET Aluminum Shift Forks

Left/Upper = 1/2 Fork | Right/Lower = 3/4 Fork


These are SCE billet CNC machined aluminum shift forks for your Getrag AWD transmission found in the 3000GT and Stealth.

These forks are made from the strongest available 7075-T6 aluminum, which is at least twice stronger than the typical cast aluminum used in the stock forks. A broken shift fork can lead to having two gears engaged at the same time, which results in a catastrophic failure of the transmission. Never let your shift forks fail!

Hard-anodized for additional strength and wear resistance.

These forks are for the 94+ 6-speed AWD Getrag transmission only. There are two forks available - for gears 1-2 and for gears 3-4. You can buy either one, or both.


AWD Tranny Billet Shift Fork SCE - 6 speed - 1/2 Fork
SKU: TranForkBilletSCE6-12
AWD Tranny Billet Shift Fork SCE - 6 speed - 3/4 Fork
SKU: TranForkBilletSCE6-34
AWD Tranny Billet Shift Fork SCE - 6 speed - PAIR 1/2 + 3/4 Forks
SKU: TranForkBilletSCE6-PR