AWS Delete Rear Steering Elimination Kit TT/VR4


3SX AWS Delete Kit - TT/VR4
Eliminate Rear Rack + Lines from All Wheel Steering

This is a custom kit that allows you to completely eliminate the "all wheel" part of the steering on the 3000GT VR4 and Stealth Twin Turbos. As the cars get older, the lines and rear rack can get rusted and/or damaged and leak power steering fluid, and a lot of the parts are no longer even available to be replaced! This kit allows you to eliminate the rear steering rack, the long lines going from the front rack to the rear, the rear steering pump in the rear differential, and the maze of lines on the rear subframe assembly. It replaces the rack with adjustable control arms and hardware to lock the trailing arms into place, and plugs for the differential and front rack.

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All total you actually remove about 33 pounds of parts! The rack and rear lines and pump amount to 24 pounds, but when you add up the long lines and all the mounting hardware, it adds up! And what's added? Less than 2 pounds in the new arms and hardware! So your net savings in weight is right about 30 pounds!

We have added a brief picture guide to help with installing the kit to our Tech/FAQ section under the Installs Guides section.

Protect your investment by getting the rubber boot covers to protect the heim joint ends of the rods - add the set of 4 to cart separately.