Upgrade Ball Joint 3000GT / Stealth Front Lower - Custom Press-In

Allows replacement of ball joints without replacement of complete control arm.

Front Lower Ball Joint
All 3000GT / Stealth / GTO

Talk to a dealership about getting a front lower/outer ball joint, and they'll only sell you the complete control arm assembly - you can't get JUST the ball joint....UNTIL NOW!


We have available custom high-quality press-in ball-joints - Not cheap, teflon-lined versions... 

 These are the same for all years and models of the 3000GT and Stealth.


We have sold over 5000 of these issue free ball joints over the years!



Note: Your factory ball joints will have to be pressed out and these will have to be pressed in. 3SX recommends this be done at a professional service facility with ball-joint pressing capabilities. 3SX is not responsible for mis-pressed parts.


Priced and sold individually.



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