Battery Holder Tie Down KIT - 3S


Stock Battery Holder / Tiedown Kit
3000GT & Stealth

We see a lot of cars in the service bay with no battery tie-down. This is VERY hazardous to the health of your car as a moving battery could ground itself out against something else and cause a fire. This kit includes all of the stock parts - the cross member and nut as well as the drop-down hooking piece and nut for it.

NOTE: These are genuine OEM Mitsubishi parts and may not perfectly fit non-OEM or alternate sized batteries. The width of the top holder piece will accommodate a battery that is 6+7/8-inch or 17.25cm wide.

Don't let THIS happen to you! This happened when the car went over rail road tracks, the battery bounced up and grounded against the hood, but basically welded itself to the hood and, literally, all hell broke loose... Save your car and make sure the battery is properly secured!


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