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Body Clips - Screw/Push Type

8mm Clip 10mm Clip

If you have ever done any work on the front under-carriage of your car, you are familiar with these little clips. They press in then screw in/out to expand and hold the splash shields together in the wheel wells. The trick is that it doesn't take much to strip them as they are plastic, making them difficult to remove. Maybe it's time to replace them :-)

We offer 2 different sizes: one with a 8mm shaft diameter (common on the 3S) and a larger 10mm shaft which is common on some other makes, but may be useful in some cases on the 3S.

Price is per clip

Picture of Body Clip Push-Type 8mm
Body Clip Push-Type 8mm
SKU: BodyClipScrew-8mm
Picture of Body Clip Screw-Type 10mm
Body Clip Screw-Type 10mm
SKU: BodyClipScrew-10mm