Brake Line Connectors 3S Brake Hard Lines - OEM Mitsubishi 3000GT Stealth



Stock Solid Brake Line Connectors
OEM Mitsubishi 3000GT & Stealth

(Used bracket assembly shown on Left, not included with parts)

Replacing your brake lines can be an easy job - or it can be a nightmare! Over time the lines get "securely attached" - i.e., STUCK - to the end fittings, and even the best spanner wrench can still manage to damage or round them once you get them separated. These are replacement factory lines used between the 2 lines on the front brake lines (pictured) or the rear brake lines on the AWD models. A recommended add-on if youre doing your lines.

Sold individually.


NOTE: We were able to source a few more of the AWD Rear Driver-side connector so it is relisted for now...