Camshaft Endcap Seals - Cam Caps

Camshaft Endcap Seals "Cam Caps"


If you are breaking down your heads, or building up a fresh motor, these are the end caps for the cams on the back side of the engine (transmission end of the heads/cams). The cam seals on the timing belt side are included in the OEM engine gasket kits but these cam caps for the back of the heads are not! These go on the opposite side of the heads/cams from the cam gears.

Sold individually.

On the DOHC engines, there are 3 on the 91-92 (the cam angle sensor by the throttle body fills the 4th hole) and there are 4 on the 93-99 that use the separate cam and crank sensors on the timing belt side. On the SOHC there are 2. Parts are priced and sold individually so change the Quantity and order according to your needs.

"Cam Caps" for DOHC TT & NA (priced each)
"Cam Caps" for SOHC (priced each)

Head Cam Caps End Seal DOHC (each)
Head Cam Caps End Seal SOHC (each)