Carbon Fiber Rear Hatch Visor


Carbon Fiber Rear Hatch Visor

Add this visor to your Rear Hatch for that extra WOW factor!

Installs with 3M Double Sided tape, already installed on part! (Fiberglass Rear Hatch Visor shown as example)

A few pictures of the Fiberglass Rear Hatch Visor installed on T4 as the test vehicle. (Carbon Fiber Rear Hatch Visor will look the same)

Installation Tip:  Upper Rear Hatch Trim and Clips MUST be removed to install this part!  Recommend removing then re-adding more double sided 3M tape.

During Installation:  This is what you will see when the top trim piece and the white clips are removed from the rear hatch.  Recommend cleaning the surface prior to installing the hatch visor.  Push the hatch visor to butt against the glass to provide ample clearance for the rear hatch when raised.