Evo MAF 


Evo Maf For the Chrome ECU

The stock 3s maf is only good to about 400-450 hp due to the limitation of the internal sensor. The sensor could only read so high.

The evo 8/montero maf was a popular upgrade because the internal sensor could read much higher. The drawbacks to the montero/evo maf sensor was a much smaller maf housing. This restricted airflow. It also required a plug adapter and an intake bubble adapter. You also has to change the maf size and adder in the rom.

This maf combines the best of both worlds. It has a larger 3S maf housing with the high reading evo sensor. This equates to about a 20% airflow increase over the evo 8 maf. It also doesn’t need a plug adapter or an intake bubble adapter. The maf can be used with the stock settings in the VR4 or SL rom. The only recommended change is to increase the Hz values in the VE table for higher airflow.

Note:  These will work with the stock ECU.