Clutch Lines Hard at Slave Cylinder *DISCONTINUED*

Clutch Lines for 3000GT / Stealth
The Hard Lines at the Slave Cylinder

The FWD and AWD 3000GT/Stealth have different setups with regards to the slave cylinder. While they both use the same soft line coming from the firewall, they have different configurations with the slave cylinder itself. The FWD models have a couple of hard lines and a clutch damper between that soft line from the firewall and the slave cylinder itself. The AWD models use only a single line between the soft line and the slave cylinder. Over time these lines can get damaged or corroded and trying to install a replacement soft line may result in damage to the hard line it connects to.

FWD 3000GT / Stealth


AWD 3000GT / Stealth

These are OEM Mitsubishi parts.

NOTE: While there are 2 actual slave cylinders applicable to the AWD (91 AWD shares the FWD cylinder), the hard lines listed here are applicable to all 91-99 AWD and all 91-99 FWD.

This part is discontinued as of 6/3/2022

Clutch Line Hard from Soft Slave Line to Cylinder AWD ONLY *DISCONTINUED*
SKU: ClutchLineTT-Lin2CylDISC