Clutch Release / Throwout Bearing (OEM)

Clutch Release Bearing / Throwout Bearing (OEM)

Non-Turbo FWD Twin Turbo AWD

Starion/Conquest Pilot (left) & Release Bearing (right)

Some clutches do not include a throw-out bearing (a.k.a. clutch release bearing). It is recommended that you change the clutch bearing each time you install a new clutch. These are factory original Mitsubishi clutch bearings, and the clip that holds the bearing to the release fork for the non-turbo FWD's.


We also have the flywheel pilot bearing and clutch release bearing for the StarQuests!

Clutch Release Bearing AWD/TT
SKU: MB837549
Clutch Release Bearing FWD/NA
SKU: MD749998
Clutch Release Bearing CLIP - NA/FWD
SKU: MD706185
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