Company / History

Go Fast Toys for Go Fast Cars!

3SX Performance was opened in 2000 with one goal in mind: Performance options for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth, both the TT (for Twin Turbo) and NA (for Naturally Aspirated or non-turbo). We strive to develop new products that are not yet available in the marketplace, and offer the widest selection of parts for the platform. Pioneering parts such as the 3SX Lightweight Crank Pulley3SX Polyurethane motor mountsadjustable rear control arms, and other specialty 3S items that were unheard of at the time put 3SX on the performance map.

Part of what makes 3SX stand out is the fact that, unlike most online "shops", we actually are a physical shop, actually stock what we sell, and work on performance vehicles for a living. We are proud to serve our customers in over 99 countries around the world!


3SX Headquarters, Sales & Distribution Center

In 2004 we moved into a new office and shipping warehouse. Here we were able to stock more parts, improve shipping times, and allow us to expand our overall offering to the 3000GT and Stealth community.

In 2006 we opened our second facility that is dedicated to vehicle service and engine building (pictured below). We built the new Service Facility to truly be a complete performance service center: performance level lifts, engine building room, transmission teardown/assembly room, "fab lab" for custom body work.


The Performance Factory - the 3SX Service & AWD Dyno Tuning Facility

Also in 2006, we launched our 3SX Racing division. We did this not only to race with 3SX custom-made parts, but also to serve as a research platform to develop MORE new high-end performance parts. 3SX Racing has been a huge success, campaigning both T2 (our FWD 3000GT Drag Car), T4 (our AWD 3000GT Drag Car) and two world records for the FWD and AWD 3S platform.

We completed one of our major projects in very early 2007, opening our SuperFlow AWD Dyno to the public! This new offering gives us the ability to tune virtually any vehicle on the road. Now, when we build your engine, you have the option of getting the best and optimal performance from your vehicle.

2012 was a big year for us as we opened TPF Cars and transformed our previous service facility into our sister company, The Performance Factory.

The Performance Factory started from within the service department itself. Our techs decided they wanted to essentially branch out from under the "Mitsu shop" affiliation to better represent that division of the company. Our techs have experience ranging from serving on professional race teams, welding and fabrication schooling, and histories in a number of automotive brands. The Performance Factory as a division of 3SX Performance Automotive is your destination for having your vehicle built and tuned to its potential!

We look forward to serving you and hope you will look to us to be your premier performance automotive destination!


2020 In an effort to better service our customers, we have now combined our 2 huge facilities in to one again! One stop shopping and better customer service. Everything is now handled out of our 4317 Triple Crown address for 3SX and The Performance Factory.