Competition Clutch Inc Lightweight Steel Flywheels for 3000GT Stealth

Competition Clutches - FLYWHEELS
3000GT VR4 / Stealth TT - AWD
Steel or Aluminum


The Competition Clutch Inc lightweight flywheels offer you the choice to run whatever you want, all the while saving at least a FEW pounds off the weight of the stock steel flywheel.  They have 2 choices available: a lightweight CNC steel flywheel that weighs 14.5 pounds, an ULTRA-lightweight CNC steel flywheel that weighs 11.5 pounds.

CNC Lightweight Steel Flywheel - 14.5 lbs - 2-622-ST
This is the "happy medium" between the stock anchor and the aluminum flywheels.


We offer replacement mounting bolts here.

Competition Clutch FLYWHEEL 3S TT AWD - Light-Weight Steel 14.5-lb
SKU: CompFly3STT-LWSteel
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