Conditions of Use

Race/ Competition Use

All aftermarket performance parts sold through 3SX are intended for competition or race use only, and any that are not OEM emission control devices may not be EPA approved or allowed for street use (check your local and federal regulations )3SX is not responsible for the use, misuse, mis-installation, or damage to property or persons, up to and including loss of life or property from use of items sold by 3SX. It is recommended that all parts be installed by professionally certified and experienced automotive technicians.


All products sold by 3SX Performance Inc. are sold “as is” to the customer. 3SX Performance Automotive, Inc. does NOT offer warranty on any of the products sold. If warranty is offered by the manufacturer, warranty documentation will be sent with the product. All products sold by 3SX Performance Automotive, Inc. are aftermarket products and are intended for competition, and race use only. 3SX Performance Automotive, Inc. is not liable for any damages or injury as a result of the use of its products. Labor costs required for any parts or services purchased are not eligible for reimbursement under any circumstances.