Control Arm Front Lower Bushings Brackets Mounting Hardware OEM 3000GT Stealth

OEM Front Lower Control Arm Parts
Bushings & Brackets & Mounting Nuts Bolts Washers

These are the factory OEM Mitsubishi parts for mounting the front lower control arms on the 3000GT/Stealth.

Use the diagram below and descriptions in the table below to order your required parts.

Qty on Car
BUSH-3620 BIG Bushing w Bracket LH/DR - 91-94early (thru Build Sept93)
BUSH-3621 BIG Bushing w Bracket RH/PS - 91-94early (thru Build Sept93)
BUSH-8832 BIG Bushing ONLY (both sides same) - 94mid-99 (big triangle)
BRACKET-8830Big Bushing BRACKET ONLY LH/DR - 94mid-99 
BRACKET-8831Big Bushing BRACKET ONLY LH/DR - 94mid-99 
BOLT-0012Bolt 12x135 Flange - Forward Mount Point to Subframe
BOLT-0027Bolt 12x90 Flange - Mount Big Bushing Bracket to Subframe
BOLT-0054Bolt 12x28 Flange - Mount Big Bushing Bracket to Subframe
NUT-0003Nut 12 - Forward Mount Point to Subframe
NUT-5005Nut 10 Locking - Mount Big Bushing Bracket to Subframe
NUT-3958Nut 14 - Mount Big Bushing to Control Arm 91-94mid & All New Arms
WASH-0044Washer 12 Spring - Forward Mount Point to Subframe
WASH-0406Washer 10 Spring - Mount Big Bushing Bracket to Subframe
WASH-0408Washer 14 Spring - Mount Big Bushing to Arm 91-94early & All New
WASH-8231 Washer 15 Plain - Mount Big Bushing to Arm 91-94early& All New

*** This part is currently NOT available.


The OEM front lower control arms are differentiated as follows:
DOHC TT & NA 1991-1992early (Build Apr 90 - Oct 91)
DOHC TT & NA 1992mid-1994early (Build Nov 91 - Sept 93)
DOHC TT & NA 1994mid-1999 (Build Oct 93+)
SOHC NA 3000GT 97+ (Build May 96+)

NOTE: LH = Driver Side, RH = Passenger Side


Control Arms Through The Years

Mitsubishi changed how the control arms were made, specifically with regards to the BIG rear main bushing. The 1991-1994early arms were all a round bushing with a steel sleeve (at left above). The 1994mid-1999 ones have that bushing on the arm and a separate bracket that clamped to the subframe to hold the bushing - that bushing had a bit of a triangular shape to it (at right in the above image).

Determining which is actually on your car is actually quite easy by looking under the car just behind the front wheels and looking the big bushing mounting as described here. Easiest way to check is, looking at the pictures on the right below, check if there is a big nut on the end of the arm holding the bushing on or not.

Above: 91-94early Bushing with Bracket | Below: 94mid-99 w/ separate bushing+bracket


NOTE: You MUST pay attention to the build date when ordering these parts.
Some change within the same model year.


All parts are priced and sold INDIVIDUALLY. Change the quantity before adding to cart to order the number are pieces you need.


Picture of BOLT-0012 - Bolt 12x135 Flange
BOLT-0012 - Bolt 12x135 Flange
SKU: BOLT-0012
Picture of BOLT-0027 - Bolt 12x90 Flange
BOLT-0027 - Bolt 12x90 Flange
SKU: BOLT-0027
Picture of BOLT-0054 - Bolt 12x28 Flange
BOLT-0054 - Bolt 12x28 Flange
SKU: BOLT-0054
Picture of NUT-0003 - Nut 12mm
NUT-0003 - Nut 12mm
SKU: NUT-0003-10295
Picture of NUT-5005 - Nut 10mm Locking Non-Flange
NUT-5005 - Nut 10mm Locking Non-Flange
SKU: NUT-5005
Picture of NUT-3958 - Nut 14
NUT-3958 - Nut 14
SKU: NUT-3958
Picture of WASH-0408 - Washer 14 Spring
WASH-0408 - Washer 14 Spring
SKU: WASH-0408