Corner Lights Turn Signals Snake Eyes Dodge Stealth OEM

Corner Light / Turn Signal / "Snake Eyes" Assembly
For 1991-1993 Dodge Stealth RT and Twin Turbo
Also Corner Turn Signals for 91-93 Stealth Base & ES and Stealth 94-96

We were able to secure a few of the corner light assemblies for the 1st Gen Stealth RTs.  These units are on the 91-93 Stealth RT Non-Turbo and RT Twin Turbo body styles, and are complete units.  So if yours is broken or just looking worse for the wear, these are brand new shiny parts!


We also have the front corner turn signals for the 1991-1993 Stealth Base and Stealth ES models. Note that these ARE different from the ones on the 94-98 3000GT - they are a different shape/size and are NOT interchangeable.


These are the front corner light turn signals for the 1994-1996 Stealths - all models. They are similar to the 1999 3000GT but have rounded lower/back corners where the 99 3000GT ones come to a point.


We offer the plug/pigtail/wire-harness for the corner lights should they need replacing. It is the harness plug that connects to the light hosing with about 8 inches of wires to be splied into your harness. This pigtail is the same for all years/makes/models of the 3000GT and Stealth.


Snake-Eyes are DISCONTINUED, no new ones left


Used lights available on occasion

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