Crank Pulley Harmonic Damper Balancer Non-OEM DOHC 24-valve 3000GT/Stealth



Crank Pulley Harmonic Damper Non-OEM
3000GT & Stealth DOHC
 92-99 Serpentine

We have finally located a non-OEM crank pulley that IS a true harmonic damper (meaning it includes the rubber band between the inner and outer pieces). While it's not a factory Mitsubishi part, it comes in considerably less - both dollar wise AND weight. The stock crank pulley weights 6.5 pounds while this aftermarket one weights in a little less at only 5.2 pounds. Nothing compared to the about 1.5 pounds of the 3SX Stock Sized Aluminum Pulleys or 3SX Underdrive Crank Pulleys. But for those requiring a dampened pulley, this gives an alternative to the stock one.


Crank Pulley Comparison

The DOHC engine in the 3000GT and Stealth, both twin turbo and non-turbo, use different crank pulleys between the 91 engine and the 92-99 engines. Select between the 91 that has the v-belt for the power steering pump and the 92-99 that uses the 4-rib serpentine belt for the power steering pump.



OEM Crank Pulley BOLT

We also recommend replacing your center bolt for your crank pulley if yours is rounded or split.



3SX Crank Pulley Removal / Installation Tool

The crank pulley bolt is the single tightest bolt on the engine of a 3000GT/Stealth! This is a custom tool used to remove and re-install the OEM or OEM-replacement crank pulley / harmonic damper on the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth. The tool uses a pair of bolts which are threaded into the appropriate holes in the tool, and fit into the two holes in the stock crank pulley. You then use a 1/2" drive socket to hold the tool and crank pulley in place, then use a breaker bar (or torque wrench if tightening) on the center bolt of the crank pulley to loosen or tighten it.




Make it a KIT!

You can opt to get the kit that combines the non-OEM crank pulley with a brand new OEM crank pulley bolt and washer and includes the 3SX crank pulley tool that is helpful in removing the old stock pulley and installing this new pulley.

Get the bundle, save your engine by replacing that really old and worn out stock crank pulley, and save a few dollar at the same time. :)



Check your engine / existing crank pulley prior to ordering and make sure you are ordering the CORRECT PULLEY. The DOHC 91 with the V-belt driven power steering pump and the DOHC 92-99 with the 4-rub serpentine belt driving the power steering pump are NOT interchangeable. If you order the wrong pulley and bolt it to the engine, then need to exchange it for the correct one, there will be a 30% restocking fee on the pulley as well as the shipping charge on the replacement pulley.

To clarify again:

The 1991 DOHC uses a V-belt on the inner channel for the power steering. ( NO LONGER AVAILABLE )

The 1992-1999 DOHC uses a 4-rib serpentine belt on the power steering.


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