Custom 99 Fiberglass Lip 2-Piece

SKU: 99LIPFG2-10000

Custom Fiberglass 99 Front Aero-Lip - 2-Piece Style!!

We have a new style 99 Front Lip! This is a 2-piece lip that attaches to the outer lower edge of your 99 bumper. Lip comes in primer and is ready for prepping and painting.

                                                      Installed Pictures!!

Install TIP! For easier fitment, we recommend removing your bumper, attaching the lip, then reinstalling the bumper. The pictures show the lip molded to fit and appear to be part of the bumper itself, done by a body shop.

NOTE: This is a custom fiberglass part - you will need to customize the part for flush mounting. The pics above show the part moulded and filled in to match the stock bumper and then fully painted.



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