3SX Custom Non-OEM Stock and Extended-Length Wheel Studs/Lug Studs

47mm - 65mm lengths available

Extended Wheel Lug Studs
M12 x 1.5 with 14.2mm Knurl

There are not a lot of wheels available that fit the AWD 3000GT and Stealth. A typical practice is to run wheel spacers to push the wheels further from the hub allowing better caliper clearance. It is recommended that you also run longer wheel studs to allow the lug nuts enough thread to properly tighten down and hold the wheels on. We carry 65mm (not any more) or 60mm long lug studs (stock is 47mm) which will directly replace the stock Mitsubishi studs. We introduced the 60mm as some people found the 65 to be just a little too long for smaller spacers.

Note, these will work on the 3000GT/Stealth and have been confirmed on some other Mitsubishi vehicles (including the EVO).

Sizes from top to bottom:
65mm Long (discontinued)
60mm Long
47mm Long (OEM replacement)
47mm Long (OEM stud)

Sold as a set of 20, a set of 10, or individually.


We also offer a variety of wheel spacers.

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