Custom Stroker Kit for 6G72 - Brian Crower Billet Crankshaft, 3SX Rods, Ross Pistons - COMPLETE!


Complete STROKER Kit for 6G72!!


This is a COMPLETE stroker kit designed for the 6G72 engine!

Includes the following
Brian Crower custom forged billet 4340 steel crank
Custom Ross Pistons with pins and rings
3SX custom forged connecting rods with ARP2000 rod bolts
Complete set of Clevite bearings

This kit increases the stroke of the engine from the stock 76mm up to 84mm!!

Currently available in 92.0mm and 92.5mm piston options, your overall engine displacement goes from 2972cc to 3349cc (3.35 liter) for the 92mm and 3386 (3.39 liter) for the 92.5mm piston options. Pistons are set to 8.5:1 compression ratio. Note that these are NOT the same pistons as our Ross pistons we carry for a non-stroked engine.

This makes for an AWESOME way to increase your power potential, and even spool your turbos faster! More air per rotation of the engine (more displacement) means more air pushing the turbos per rotation means faster spool means you get access to your power faster as well!

NOTE: As with almost any stroker kit, you will need to do some clearance work on the block and cradle.


NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend that you have your pistons PRIOR to boring your block, so your machine shop can bore to the proper clearances for the pistons. The listed piston sizes are approximate, and as there are different tolerance requirements between different piston manufacturers and even exact size variations between piston production runs, you should never bore you block without having the pistons that are going in the block so the machine shop can bore to match the pistons and their specific clearance requirements. 3SX is not responsible for pistons not matching a bore - take that up with your machine shop that did the bore.


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