Defi Blue Racer Standalone Gauges

Defi Blue Racer Series 52mm Gauges

Defi has a new series of stand-alone gauges! The Blue Racer series does NOT require the Defi Link Controller - they can all be used independently of each other or any other controller. These are all 52mm gauges and calibrated on imperial (US) scales (PSI, degrees Fahrenheit, etc). One cool feature of these gauges is they are totally blacked out when they are off, and they have opening and closing sequences like other Defi gauges when you start and turn off your car.

NOTE: The pressure gauge can be used for oil pressure or fuel pressure. The temperature gauge can be used for oil temp or water temp. Pressure and temperature gauges include the requisite sensors.

Available in the following applications:
Boost (30-0-30 psi)
EGT (0-2000 F)
Pressure (0-140 F, oil or fuel)
Temperature (0-300 f, oil or water)
Voltage (10-15 v)

Picture of Defi Blue Racer EGT 52mm - DF06801
Defi Blue Racer EGT 52mm - DF06801
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