Denso 255l Fuel Pump for 3000GT/Stealth (Supra Pump)


Denso Fuel Pump 255l (Supra Pump)

One key step in upgrading your fuel system is the fuel pump. The stock fuel pump is sufficient to a point,but when you are upgrading turbos you need MORE fuel and sufficient flow and line pressure to support larger injectors - not enough fuel means running lean which leads to, well, bad things in your motor ;-)

This Denso pump is one of the top rated pumps for the 3000GT and Stealth. With a flow rate of 290 lph at 43psi at 13.5 volts, it will support just about any bolt-on turbo upgrade. This is over 50% MORE fuel than the stock pump. And the beauty of this pump is it is a drop-in replacement for the stock pump - you simply swap in this pump for the stock one and youre off and running! One key advantage of this pump is it is nice and quiet like the factory pump.

The Pickup Strainer/Sock is not included, you will need to order one. We recommend Delphi FS0093 or Airtex FS132

NOTE: We strongly recommend the Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit when installing an upgraded fuel pump.

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