ECU CAPS Capacitors SET


ECU Capacitors Set
for 3000GT/Stealth ECU Repair

 If you are having problems with your car that you just cant seem to chase down, it could be that the capacitors in your ECU have started going bad. They can get corrosion on them and on the circuit board itself which leads to engine woes. Some symptoms include a rapid clicking sound from under the dash often accompanied with the engine stalling out or losing power. If they get bad, you may even smell a mild burnt smell from under the dash. These are the three major capacitors on the board, and knowledge of soldering is required - you will have to remove the ECU, unsolder the bad capacitors, and resolder on the new ones.

NOTE: The kit actually includes FOUR capacitors, some of the ECU's need the 4th one, some only have 3.