ECU Wiring Harness Adapter

ECU Wiring Harness Adapter

Here is the perfect solution to wiring components to your ECU! These harness plugs connect directly to the ECU and then to the main wiring harness that spreads throughout the car. The advantage of doing this is that when you are installing aftermarket electronic components such as fuel management systems or other piggyback electronics, you dont have to splice into your $1500 "takes forever to replace it" stock wiring harness. You can do all of your splicing into THIS then plug everything in - dont even have to be on your head in the footwell! While it doesnt have colored wiring, it does have all of the pin-outs exactly as they are on the factory ECU and harness!

ECU Wiring Harness for:

91-93 TT/VR4 (3-plug)

94-97 TT/VR4 (4-plug)

98-99 TT/VR4 (3-plug)


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