EGR Delete / Block-off Plates


3SX EGR Delete / Block-off Plates


This set of plates allows you to eliminate the EGR system from your car. The EGR system recirculates exhaust gases back into your intake system, reducing the amount of fresh oxygen entering the cylinders, thus reducing the combustion in the cylinders. Blocking off this system keeps that extra CO2 and exhaust out of the cylinders, thus netting more oxygen, and allowing more fuel to burn for better and more complete combustion. It also helps to keep the intake system cleaner not having the exhaust soot sent back through your intake, netting less carbon deposits and buildup over time.

For Twin Turbo models only.

NOTE: This modification is for off road use only, and may result in a failure during emissions inspections. Removing the EGR system could also trigger the check engine light.

We also offer the EGR Gaskets listed separately.