Electronic Sunroof Repair Sliders - Pair


1997-1999 Electornic Sunroof Repair Sliders - Pair


Sunroof Slider Description
Sunroof cable lifter sliding arm replacement or upgrade for sunroof repair of OEM power tilt sunroof equipped vehicles in the form of an insert which preserves existing cable/regulator assembly.  This is installed by carefully removing plastic piece that is sleeved onto cable and crimped into place at each end. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, but probably best with a Dremel, vibrating saw, and/or snips. This retains the specialized crimp and existing cable that is otherwise fine due to the convenient keyed features of the existing metal crimps.
This repair part is machined to a tight tolerance and made out of Delrin to withstand the cold/hot temperature transitions the roof of the car is generally exposed to.  The slider rails are aluminum so Delrin is really the best choice (way better than the factory ABS).  This allows someone to get their sunroof working again (this is generally the only part that fails due to added friction on the sliding assembly and of course fatigue over time on the slider arm plastic thru continued use and thermal cycling).
If you hear your power tilt sunroof motor whirling and nothing moving or barely moving chances are one or both of your factory sliders has failed. Your options are to try to replace the entire cable tray (MR200678) - now discontinued, which comes with sliders since those are normally crimped onto the steering cable or retrofit this upgrade where the old damaged sliders used to be.  After performing this repair and install, it is important that you clean your sliding assemblies and properly lubricate them.  For new regulator assemblies (these are now discontinued), recommend retrofitting this solution into place to prevent inevitable failure of weaker plastic slider; otherwise you have to repeat the sunroof repair which is tedious and risk the chance of scratching or damaging something from repetitive removals.
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