Engine Gasket Kit Set Complete DOHC Non-OEM 3000GT/Stealth

Complete Non-OEM DOHC Gasket Set

Complete Engine Gasket Kit DOHC - Non-OEM


This is a non-OEM complete engine gasket kit for the DOHC 3000GT/Stealth turbo and non-turbo. This is a great alternative to the stock kits for the builder in a pinch! Includes the following gaskets: composite head gaskets < NOW WITH MLS 92.0mm HEAD GASKETS!!! >, valve cover gaskets + inserts, upper and lower intake plenum gaskets, manifold gaskets, cam seals, valve seals, front and rear main seals, water pump, oil pump and pickup, rear main case, thermostat/water housing, EGR.

It does not include the gaskets directly around the turbos, cam caps or the Oil Pan Gasket(RTV Silicone Sealant)