Exhaust Wrapping and Thermal Products


DEI Thermal Exhaust Wrap

The 3000GT/Stealth engine produces an incredible amount of heat - just stand beside one at idle and feel the hot air billowing out from the engine bay. One excellent way to regain control of those under-hood temperatures is to wrap the manifolds/headers, turbos, and downpipe with header wrap. Available in 1" and 2" width and 15 and 50 lengths, wrapping your headers/turbos/downpipe will dramatically help reduce underhood temps by insulating the piping - meaning the heat stays in the exhaust system and goes out the back of the car, rather then super-heating the underhood air. This can ultimately yield more power due to thermal efficiency. Hold the wrap in place with the stainless steel locking ties available in 8" and 14" lengths.


Thermo-Tec Cool-It Thermal Hose & Wire Wrap

This thermal wrap is for wiring and hoses - it has an adhesive backing that allows you to wrap it around O2 sensor wiring, ignition wiring, radiator and coolant hoses, etc., to insulate them from the heat of the engine bay. Package includes one 1.5" x 15 length of wrap.