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3SX F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions

* * * Installation Guides & Walk-Throughs
* * *

The 3SX Installation Guides are located here.


3SX Performance gets a lot of questions about various things having to do with the Stealth and 3000GT. This FAQ will try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions, particulalry about products we carry. Some are answered directly here, some link to separate pages with detailed discussion.

Manuals! Service, Technical, Reference
We have uploaded a pretty healthy catalog of reference and service manuals for the 3000GT and Stealth: engine, body, and transmission, and more! We carry the hard copy printed manuals for much more complete coverage, but these online electronic backups are also available.

VIN Plate, BUILD DATE, Vehicle Information Plate - DETAILS!
This page is handy for locating your VIN plate and vehicle build date, which is helpful when ordering certain parts that vary based on specific build dates.

Looking for common torque specs? Go here!
Here's a page with some of the more common torque specs needed when working on the car - not everything, but the ones typically most needed. Also included are torque specs for aftermarket upgrades like cam gears and flywheels.

Got a question about the '99 Conversion? Go here!
We get countless questions about converting to the stock 99 3000gt front end, the parts for which we offer on the Body page. We offer a comprehensive discussion and photo comparison of the different stock styles availalble and try to cover what is needed to complete the conversion.

Twin Turbo Conversion? Lots of info here!
Leland Gray did a write-up about his twin turbo conversion project on his 93 Stealth ES. This page has lots of details of what's involved and parts needed.

Disable the ECS Tour/Sport Light
If you have upgraded to aftermarket struts, and your ECS Tour/Sport indicator light is flashing, this quick walkthrough will help you disable that light.

How do I use Plastigage?
3SX sells Plastigage which is useful for measuring your rod and main bearing clearances and tolerances. This is a copy of the instructions that come with the bulk box. Print your own copy for your building reference :-)

What are the US-Spec Brake Rotor Dimensions?
This page lists actual measurements on rotor applications as they fit cars in the United States. There are brake variations in other countries - this will help you order the correct rotors.

Common Acronyms & Abbreviations found on 3SX!
This is a list of some of the more common acronyms and abbreviations that are found throughout the 3SX Performance website, and used in converations with the 3SX Crew.

3SX Custom 99-Style Fiberglass Bumper Install TIP!!
This highlights a mild modification required to install our fiberglass bumper on a 3000GT. Does not apply to the Stealths.

Turbo Clocking 101
Prepping 3SX TD05's for Installation

This quick tutorial walks you through the process of "clocking" your turbos to get them ready for installation, making sure the compressor housing, exhaust housing, and cartridge are all facing the right direction.

The NA Brake Upgrade
AWD Brakes on your FWD 3S

This quick guide offers parts and tips for making the VR4 Brake Upgrade on a FWD 3000GT/Stealth. This is becoming a popular modification for the FWD cars to gain better braking.

Cast Crank vs Forged Crank
How do I tell which one I have?

This quick guide shows how to distinguish the 91-92 cast cranks from the 93-99 forged cranks - for DOHC 3000GT/Stealth engines.

Which Cams are Which?
Are my cams installed correctly?

This quick guide shows how to distinguish which camshafts are which on the DOHC (turbo and non-turbo) 3000GT/Stealth engines - both with the cams in the car or not installed.

"History" of the Mitsubishi Engines
This is an overview of the various Mitsubishi engines used up through 2005. Some interesting information in here if your into that kinda stuff :-)

SOHC 3S and the Rear Swaybar - Can it be Installed??
Short answer - no and yes... Huh? Take a read!

Installing the new style Door Jam Switches
Mitsubishi has changed the switches in the door jams (for interior lights and buzzer if the door is open). This quick guide should help get the new ones installed.

Underhood Vacuum Diagrams
Several of the vacuum diagrams found on the underside of the stock hoods. Useful if yours is gone or you are running an aftermarket hood.

Oil Pump Comparison - OEM Mitsubishi Oil Pumps
This is a visual catalog of the 6 different oil pumps used on the 3000GT and Stealth.

Which Heads are Which? - Identifying 3S DOHC Heads
This will help you identify the different DOHC heads used on the 3000GT and Stealth.

3SX NA Exhaust Dyno Testing
Want to add 20 horsepower! to your NA 3S? We have developed components to make a complete exhaust system (with various options!) for the non-turbo FWD 3000GT and Stealth. We also went many steps further and actualy dyno tested the different components, running a battery of 6 different tests from "all stock" to "all 3SX". This article fully discusses the different tests, horsepower gains from the different 3SX NA Exhaust System components, and has a bunch of videos to give you an idea of what the exhaust sounds like!

Oil Pan Capacity Tests
How Much Oil Is REALLY In The Oil Pan
This is a FYI article where will actually measure the volume of the oil pan and show just how much oil is in the oil pan when the oil dip stick shows "low" and "full".



We're starting with the main stuff and going from there. :-) We'll be adding more in here as time goes on. Watch for product comparisons, technical info, installation tips and guides, etc.

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