Fiberglass Hood Vents Strut Covers 91-93 3000GT Stealth

SKU: 3SXKIT001060

Custom Fiberglass 91-93 Hood Vents


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Custom made fiberglass hood vents for the 91-93 3000GT/Stealth!! These louvered vents replace the factory strut covers and add a little more flair to your hood styling. The factory hood allows very little air flow actually through the engine since it seals around the rear edge, so the super-heated engine air can't escape. These covers are vented on the back side to allow dramatically increased air flow through the engine compartment. Barely taller than the factory strut covers, these are a subtle way to add unique styling to your ride!

NOTE: This is a custom fiberglass part - you will need to customize the part for flush mounting.

Sold as a PAIR.


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