Front Lower Control Arm Rebuild (Send-Yours-In) 3000GT/Stealth - 91-93 TT/NA


Front Lower Control Arm Rebuild (Send-Yours-In) 3000GT/Stealth - 91-93 TT/NA - Polyurethane Bushings

If all of your bushings have worn out on the front control arms, your only option was to replace the whole control arm.  If you don't have access to a press, or your control arm is in bad shape with all the inclement weather and salt, we will take the extra measure to restore it.  We won't weld on your control arm.  If your control arm is too far gone, we will have alternate options.  If you are concerned with your control arm condition, you can always email us pictures of what you are working with.

You will be receiving your control arm back with a brand new ball joint, new poly mounts for the rearward point, the forward point, and the frame mount for the control arm.  These will be cleaned and spray painted as well.  

We offer a "send-yours-in" front control arm 91-93 TT or NA rebuild options. Place your order online here.  Send your front control arm (Driver or Passenger side) to us at the address on the site (Triple Crown Dr. address).  You MUST INCLUDE a copy of your order confirmation so we know it is your front control arm.  We will remove all the bushings, clean it, press in the ball joints, repaint it and return it to you as soon as we have it completed.  Turnaround time is typically 3-5 days from when we receive it.

This is only for the 1st Gen front control arms.

This service doesn't require you to be side specific as you will be sending yours in. 

If you need both control arms rebuilt, you will need to add QUANITY 2 in your shopping cart.

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