Fuel Line Adapter Fitting AN6 to M14x1.5 Female Inverted Flare

SKU: 3SX000336

Fuel Line Fitting Adapter
6AN Male to M14x1.5 Female INVERTED FLARE

This is a custom made fitting that is used to adapt standard AN6 hose to the flared-fitting lines found on many vehicles, including the 3000GT/Stealth.  Earls (nor any other brand we could find) offers a fitting that properly seats against the flared fuel fittings - similar to a brake line fitting where the threaded sleeve is on the hard tube as shown below.  The Earls 9894 fitting is close but is only flat on the inside and will not properly seal the flared lines.  The raised flared seat on the inside of our custom fitting allows the flared line end to properly seal.

Some feedback we have received about applications other than the 3000GT/Stealth:

"Im a master for Acura and I said I would give you my feedback on your fitting, you should be able to sell the crap out of them now, they fit all Acura Integra Fuel lines at the filter from 1994-2001, and thats all models VTEC and non VTEC, this saved my ass from cutting the factory line like all the kids do and put a compression fitting butchering the car, I can't thank you enough!  Marc from Sarasota Florida

I'm thrilled! You saved me a fortune of pain in the ass doing an inline filter! This should make a million car nuts very happy." Anonymous

"In the Subaru community, when rotating your turbo and going big, the factory power steering lines are in the way. This fitting allows you to hook a braided line to the high pressure hard line off the rack and can be run to the pump with another fitting dependent of the year Subaru you have (this fitting comes with line kits sold by other manufacturers) - the way the line kit manufacturers want you to make the connection is by removing the high pressure hardline by dropping the rack and install fittings on the opposite side of the bay, this fitting allows you to skip that and retain the factory hardline running to the passenger side, saving you the trouble of rack removal. Just wanted to share this with you as it is a HUGE time saver... Cheers, Joe G"


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